Along the way

The fall of 2013 has been a great time.  Wanna say thanks to Mark DeJaynes to filling in for Jason this fall. We’ve been having a blast.  If you haven’t seen us yet…we just added a few new tour dates. so hopefully we will see you guys out there.  :)


Ten Years

It has been 10 years since Scratch Track committed to doing the band full-time.  *Insert cliche’ phrase here about time flying by*.  During this full time touring stretch, Scratch Track has been literally all over the U.S and even travelled to Europe and Japan. Jason and DJ are just as committed to the music as they were ten years ago.  Here’s to another decade of great music from the hardest working band touring in a car.

Northwest String Summit and the Fall

Scratch Track will be teaming up with the great Danny Barnes at the Northwest String Summit in North Plains, Oregon.  This will be the Jason and DJ’s first time playing at this great festival.  They are looking forward to making new friends, sharing their unique sound and jamming with some great musicians.  Scratch Track always has things in store they are working on so stay tuned for more news.  Meanwhile catch them on the road this fall in cities near you.

Remixes Released

We are proud to announce that our new album Change and Chaos: The Remix Album is now available here on our website and at our shows. It should be available on i-tunes and other digital stores by the middle of February. Thank you to everyone who has been involved with this project and everyone who has waited so patiently for it. Now, head over to the “music” section of this site and enjoy!

Change and Chaos: The Remix Album

1. One Of Those Days

2. Renegade featuring The Yes Yes Ya’lls and John Blake

3. Runnin Away – Groove Kitchen Remix

4. All Night featuring The Trump Dawgs

5. Change It Up Featuring Duderenemy

6. Stick Featuring Josh Stanifer

7. Breaking The Trend Featuring Tracebeats

8. I’m Ready – Glitch Mode Remix

9. Call

10. Bad For You (Spanish) featuring Julie Kristine

11. Kick It

12. No

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s finally here! We’ve been wanting to do this for a few years. Everyone always asks us, ‘Have you ever tried drums or bass with what you do?’ ‘Have you ever tried putting beats on your tracks’ ‘Do you guys know how to post videos to FaceBook?’ …wait…what? Sooo we took some time in the studio and created a masterpiece. 6 Scratch Track remixes and 6 tunes featuring artists/production houses. These tracks will be ready for sale in the streets this week. You can also download it from our site, iTunes, and any other downloadable music website after it is released. PLEASE SUPPORT INDEPENDENT MUSIC!!!

2012 is the year of the….

collaboration.  we are doing our touring but we have a lot of things coming up really soon.  We have our Remix album: Change and Chaos coming out in February.  We have  a little blurb in Relix Magazine coming out along with being on their performance sampler. Also have plans to do some new recordings with some really cool artists!

We’re in the northern east coast for a couple of weeks now and then we’ll eventually take some time to write and record some new music the end of feb and beginning of march. then touring again mid March.  Stay tuned!

Post Christmas Gift

We trust everyone had a safe and great holiday. Just like all the other tuesdays of December we wanted to offer you a free download of one of our songs.  Today, December 27th we’ve made our song “Shaker” available for free downloading. So go to our music page and click on the E.P, The Wilshire Mixes and download “Shaker” for FREE!  please tell your friends..that way we can make as many new scratch track friends as possible.  Thank you in advance!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

We hope this holiday season has been great and continues to be a safe one for everyone!  This month of December Scratch Track has not been touring, however we have been offering you free music. The first weekly give away was “Call”  off of the Legend of Wild Bill. Then last week it was Kick it, off of Brake Lights.  Well, staying with the spirit of Christmas and Love we are offering our song “Love Someone” off of the album Sirens FREE THIS WEEK!  (we kinda feel like Oprah right now) :)  So tell your friends. Tell your neighbors.

Call your loved ones. Tell them to go our album Sirens on our music page and download Love Someone for free!

Stay Tuned for our Remix album, ‘Change and Chaos’ most likely releasing the end of January or early February. Look for us back on the road then too more and more dates are starting to come in.   Thanks and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!


Free Songs

So for this holiday season we have decided to make one of our already existing songs free every Tuesday. but the only catch is, You have to go find it.  So go to our music page on and click through our 5 albums that are there and look to the right of the song title and you will see the word “free” next to the title that is free today on “free music tuesday”.

we’ll do it for 24 hours so send emails to your friends. call your neighbors. text your boyfriends and your girlfriends. skype your parents. post a link on your profiles.

Scratch Track’s giving away at least one of their song every Tuesday!  Get on it!

Operation: Remix

For the last 5 years we have been talking about remixing our songs and giving them a brand new life and identity. Well its finally happening, after a few attempts and countless conversations we are going to be releasing a collection of remixed scratch track songs from our last 4 recordings.  Friends from across the country are lending a hand as well to make this the most diverse and unique scratch track recording to date.  We are literally in the studio right now….and jason is playing a mandolin.  This is so much fun. :) we hope to release this before Christmas. stay tuned…..